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Hideo Kojima’s Terrifying PT Has Been Remade in Unreal Engine 4 (Not Playable on PS4)

Remember Hideo Kojima’s PT? The demo that had the ability to turn the whitest of undies into the brownest shade of brown? It’s been a few years since the game’s cancellation by Konami but fans are still pining over its loss.

The demo itself was removed from the PlayStation Store so it’s nigh-on impossible to get a hold of these days, unless of course you pay through the nose for a used console that has the application still installed.

Luckily for us folks who don’t want to throw good money after bad, some hardcore Kojima fan has completely remade PT using Unreal Engine 4. However, don’t expect to be playing this on your PS4 – it’s only available as a free download on PC. It even has limited VR support, but that’s not something I’d personally want to try out given the absolutely horrific atmosphere and vibes the game gives off. It’s seriously creep and seriously well made. I’ve had the chance to play a little bit of it on my computer (with all the lights turned on and Charlie on standby for cuddles) and it’s impressive stuff indeed. No way I’ll finish it, mind you, but I can appreciate the effort gone into this faithful recreation.

If you missed the boat when PT originally released then this is the best option you have.

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