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Hit the Court in NBA 2K20 Demo Now

The COD 2v2 alpha starts tomorrow, but you can give NBA 2K20 a try now. The demo will let you try the MyPLAYER builder, and I have attached a trailer to show all the ways this will be incorporated in the game. (Yeah, it starts with an Xbox logo, but what can you do?) Part of your rise to NBA stardom will include designing your player with all the strengths of players you already admire. The builder tool gives you the options to create up to 100 archetypes with the skills you want. I’m not big on sports’ games, but I’m really impressed with the level of customization. It’s really incredible. The demo will let you try those builds in a game too.

The full version will include a full career mode with faster advancement through the levels and the ability to make your player a star. They make sure to let you know that levels 95-99 will only be reached by consistent excellent performance, so level 99 players earned the privilege to be there. The presentation shown in the trailer is also top notch with endorsement deals, press interviews, team celebrations in and outside the locker room, and generally living the life of a top NBA player. You can even use the MyNBA2K20 app to put yourself in the game. It looks cool.

The demo will let you give it try, and you can see if you want to give the full version of NBA 2K20 a try when it launches on September 6th.

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