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HITMAN 2 Has Gone Gold, On Target For November

HITMAN 2 has officially gone gold ahead of its release in November. That means it is virtually impossible for something to go awry now, unless someone puts out a hit on the release. But surely that’s too ironic for reality, right?

The term ‘gone gold’ refers to the fact that the master disc, which is used for printing the stock, has been finalised and sent on to the gods at the printing house. From there, its content will be copied to retail discs that will eventually end up in our greasy hands. Just think, right at this moment, Agent 47 version 93001 could be concealing himself in a blue case ready for despatch. Let’s just hope he doesn’t jump out and despatch us!

The news came via Twitter on the official account of IO Interactive, who were rather excited to share the latest milestone with fans. The full tweet can be found below.

However, we can’t help but feel that the image used is a little Bondsy, of the Goldfinger and Bassey type. But then again, what do we know. And it’s not as if we’d be daft enough to insult the chap to his face; he’s HITMAN after all and we’re just us.

Are you glad to hear that HITMAN 2 seems to have a clear shot at hitting its launch date on the 13th of November? Remove your silencer and fire at will in the comments section below. 

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