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HITMAN 2 July 2019 Content Roadmap Released, DLC and Free Updates Incoming

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have released today the July 2019 HITMAN 2 content roadmap, giving us a good look at what’s to come this summer. Why go outdoors when you can stay inside and take part in some mischievous murders?

July 2019’s roadmap is called ‘Jungle Music’, and because I’m a nice guy (and I’ve nothing better to do,) I’ve gone and listed the contents of the roadmap down below so you can get a clear view of what’s coming out and when to expect it. You can also find the very same information down in the roadmap image provided by Warner/IO Interactive. Am I wasting my time? Maybe. But it’s boosting the word count for what would otherwise be a very short article. You’re bloody welcome.

July 4th – Escalation – The Babayevo Dissonance – Isle of Sgail

July 11th – Challenge Pack – I’m With The Band – Santa Fortuna – Unlock: Violin

July 18th – Featured Contracts – Tone Death – Global

July 19th – Legacy Elusive Target – The Badboy – Sapienza

July 25th – Escalation – The Calvino Cacophany – Santa Fortuna – Unlock: Hot Summer Suit

July 29th – Livestream – IOI Monthly –

July 30th – Contracts Mode – Hawke’s Bay Contract Mode – Hawke’s Bay

July 30th – Sniper Assassin – Expansion Pass Content – The Prison – Unlock: Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic

July 30th – Free Content – Anniversary Outfits

July 30th – Game Update

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