HITMAN 2 Leaked via Warner Bros. Official Website

IO Interactive has been teasing something recently. Something Hitman related. It seems that something is HITMAN 2, and that it’s going to be published by the loot-box-loving Warner Bros. Interactive.

An image has been leaked of the HITMAN 2 logo over on the official Warner Bros. website, though the page has since been removed, presumably to keep the leak under wraps until Warner and IOI are ready to make a big deal out of the announcement.

What’s not clear is if HITMAN 2 will be straight sequel to the first episodic series, or if it’ll also follow the episodic release schedule. June 7th is when everything will be made clear, so it’s not a long wait.

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Personally, I’m hoping IOI is ditching the episodic release in favour of an all-in-one game. The first season of HITMAN was good, but the long gaps between new maps made it hard for me to stay interested.

What would you like to see in HITMAN 2? An episodic release akin to HITMAN, or a one-and-done release, like how games used to be… Silence the detractors down in the comments section below.

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