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HITMAN 2 Takes Agent 47 on a Sunny Getaway in New Haven Island Location, Coming Next Week for Expansion Pass Holders

Old baldy had better have some good sunscreen to hand, because he’s going to need it when he goes off gallivanting around the Maldives in HITMAN 2’s new location, The Haven.

Announced today by IO Interactive with a fancy trailer and some new details, The Haven brings the Expansion Pass to a close in style. The Haven sees Agent 47 pack his bags and his fake passport to infiltrate the island and take out his targets. And maybe get his nips out by the pool. Nothing has been confirmed on that matter at this time.

For those wanting to take in the sights and luxurious surroundings of The Haven, you’ll need to be an Expansion Pass or Gold Edition owner. If you’re not, well, you’re S.O.L, mate. There’s a trailer up above and a few details down below, courtesy of IOI.

The Haven will be available on September 24th. IOI has said that we can expect more info in the coming days running up to the expansion’s release.

“After downloading Haven Island on September 24th, HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass owners will have access to an entirely new location in the ‘Destination’ menu, where the Haven Island mission ‘The Last Resort’ can be found. The mission brings new targets, gameplay opportunities, intel items, challenges, mastery unlocks, mission stories and everything else you’d expect from a sandbox location in HITMAN 2.”

– New Location: Haven Island, Maldives
Your new hub for all Haven Island content.

– New Campaign Mission: The Last Resort
Explore Haven Island, eliminate three targets and find your exit. Mission complete.

– Full support for Contracts Mode
Create your own contracts by choosing your targets and how to eliminate them – then compete with your friends!

– 75+ new Challenges
Complete Haven Island challenges to earn XP, plus complete all three Mission Story challenges to unlock a new weapon.

– 20 Levels of Location Mastery
Unlock starting locations, agency pickups and new items when you complete challenges and earn XP.

– 5 new Location Mastery unlocks
Get your hands on four new and unique items as well as a stylish new suit that you can use in any location.

– 7 new Trophies / Achievements to earn
Boost your gamerscore, collect trophies or unlock achievements.

Source: IO Interactive

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