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Hitman 2 Winter Sport’s Pack and Snow Festival Available Now

Agent 47 is getting into the winter spirit. With the temperatures staying low, he stays frosty with some new gear. The Winter Sports Pack contains a Winter Sports Suit he needs to be stylish while murdering at a ski lodge. The piton spike and quickdraw wire are useful as new tools of the trade. The arctic tool box can be used to keep prying eyes away from your stuff or just used to beat their eyes closed. Finally, it wouldn’t be winter without giving him a snowball to throw at his enemies. If you have the expansion pack, be sure to download all of the new goodies.

If you need something new to do in the game, head over to Hokkaido for the Snow Festival. It’s free until February 12th, and progress will carry over to the full game. You can also unlock an ice pick and Snow Festival Suit during the celebration.

Hitman 2 is the game that almost didn’t happen, but Agent 47 was too tough (and thankfully profitable) to die. As you go around the world, you will face a deadly foe and perform assassinations in exotic locations. The levels are flexible, allowing you to choose how to approach and eliminate your targets.

Based on the the DLC, he sometimes takes a break from killing to enjoy the weather and festivals, so he’s just like the rest of us. He puts his shoulder holster on one arm at a time.

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