Hitman 2’s Elusive Target #4 Available to All, Even if You Don’t Own Hitman 2

Hitman 2 has a new elusive target available today. Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating stole some money from a charity, blamed an innocent person for the theft, and may have had something to do with that person’s convenient suicide. Her nickname, “The Politician”, seems apt. As she is trying to rebuild her reputation, she uses a body double to put prospective assassins off her trail.

As usual, the time to end her is limited. The event runs from March 8th – 18th. After that, she leaves the Hawke’s Bay location and is off to her next destination to ruin another life. You will need to make sure you kill the real person, so you will need to investigate carefully. You will only have one chance to get it right.

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If you don’t own Hitman 2, you can download the Hitman 2 – Free Starter Pack. It gives you access to the first mission in the game, conveniently located in Hawke’s Bay. You can participate in the hunt for “The Politician” and get a feel for how the elusive mission system works. If you love it, you can buy the game, which is part of the flash sale that started today, and your progress will carry over to the full version. It’s a no lose situation.

Take out the 4th elusive target, and show Barbara Elizabeth Keating why you are the world’s top assassin in Hitman 2.

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