Hitman 3 February Roadmap Includes Lots of Freebies and Some Paid Content

IO Interactive has announced today the February roadmap for Hitman 3, detailing what content players can expect to play in the coming weeks. There’s a fair amount of free content coming as well as some paid-for content. IO Interactive released a short video detailing the new additions, which you can watch down below. Or you can just read our list. Your choice…

Free Content

  • The Baskerville Barney – Escalation – February 4th
  • Dubai Featured Contracts – By Minnmax – February 11th
  • The Sinbad Stringent – Escalation – February 18th
  • Dartmoor Featured Contracts – By Kindafunny – February 25th
  • The Deceivers – Sapienza Elusive Target – February 26th
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The Proloff Parable – Deluxe Escalation – February 23rd

Deluxe items:

  • The White Shadow (Outfit)
  • White Sieger 300 (Weapon)
  • White Katana (Weapon)

The Cauchito Antiquity – Deluxe Escalation – February 23rd

Deluxe items:

  • The Guru Suit (Outfit)
  • Guru’s Emetic Grenade (Weapon)
  • Guru’s Pen Syringe Emetic (Weapon)

There’s plenty there, then, and there’s more to come as IO Interactive states that it will keep working on the game well into the future. Fingers crossed it doesn’t interfere with the upcoming James Bond game that the studio is working on…

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