Hitman 3 Launch Trailer Sets the Stage for a Killer Finale

IO Interactive has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming Hitman 3, due to release on January 20th, and it’s a launch trailer to give players one last look at Agent 47 being a badass before release.

Rather than a teasing 30-second CGI trailer, the Hitman 3 launch trailer gives us some actual gameplay to gawp at, and all at the hallowed 4K/60fps, which is what the game will be aiming for on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

We’ve not been able to secure an early copy of Hitman 3, unfortunately, so we’ll be playing the game alongside everybody else on release. PS4 and PS5 players have the added bonus of PSVR support, meaning you’ll be able to play the entire game, as well as levels from the two previous entries, in VR. There’s a lot to know about Hitman 3 for PSVR, so definitely give the video down below a watch, or read our feature here. And if you missed our piece on Hitman 3’s many, many trophies and challenges, you can find them in this article. There’s lots to do, and if you want the platinum you’re really going to have to go full-on Jason ‘Bald’ Bourne in Hitman 3.

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