Hitman: Game of the Year Edition Announced as a $20 Upgrade With New Missions, Content, and More

IO Interactive, the developer and owner of the Hitman franchise, has announced today that Hitman: Game of the Year Edition will be releasing on PS4 this November 7th. Not bad for an “indie” game, right?

For those who don’t remember, IO Interactive broke away from Square Enix but managed to retain the rights to Agent 47’s misadventures. The studio recently teased a reveal for something Hitman related, and now we know what it was teasing all along.

To be fair, this is a pretty decent package that IO interactive has thrown together. For those who own Hitman: The Complete First Season or all of its individual episodes, the Game of the Year update will cost an extra $20. It’s a bit steep, granted, but there’s a fair bit of new content coming as part of the Game of the Year update. Naturally, the Game of the Year edition will get a standalone release, too, costing $60. That includes all the episodes that were released previously, as well as the new content.

So, about the new content. Hitman: Game of the Year Edition comes with the following:

Patient Zero Campaign

The new mini-campaign, Patient Zero, takes players back through some of the locations from the base game. However, according to IOI, each one has been re-worked to present new gameplay opportunities with different AI behaviour, HUD elements, disguises, characters, challenges and more.

The maps you’ll be playing through are Bangkok, Colorado, Sapienza, and Hokkaido, though, as mentioned before, they’ve been re-worked and will even feature different a new time of day as well as new music that has been created by Niels Bye Nielsen.

The campaign, as you may have guessed from its name, is all about a deadly virus. Basically, Agent 47 needs to be quick-sharp to prevent a deadly virus from spreading after he has offed one of his targets. Apparently the target had a backup plan in case they were murdered. Bit overkill, but whatever.

Clown Suit and themed weapon

The fan-favourite killer clown Corky from Hitman: Blood Money is back with a new bat that can be used to cave heads in. Nice.

Raven Suit and themed weapon

Agent 47 will get some new garbs with the Game of the Year update, and one of them is the Raven Suit, which is apparently his go-to getup for when he’s on sniper missions. As well as donning Agent 47’s favourite sniper suit, you’ll also get the Sieger 300 Ghost rifle that matches the colour of the suit as well as being actually useful; it comes with a suppressor attachment, an extended scope, and even the Marksman perk that’ll improve your aim and even slow down time. Magical.

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Cowboy Suit and themed weapon

Ever wondered what Agent 47 would look like as a cowboy? Wonder no more because you’ll soon find out. The Cowboy suit is described as “steel blue on patriotic white” that comes with some albino alligator boots, some snazzy shades and of course a cowboy hat to top off the outfit. Once again, Agent 47 will get a new weapon in the form of The Striker. The Striker is a magnum pistol that can pierce through flesh for maximum damage, as well as having some big damage at any range.

3 themed Escalation Contracts

And finally, the Escalation Contracts. Each new weapon/suit combo that’s a part of the Game of the Year edition will get a new Escalation Contract that’ll bring new gameplay mechanics based on the characteristics of each suit/weapon pairing.

The contracts themselves are made up of three stages, with each stage escalating in difficulty. After successfully completing an Escalation Contract, the weapon used for said contract will be available in all locations within the game.

And more!

As staggering as it may be, there’s actually more content coming on November 7th. As well as the Game of the Year update, IOI will be releasing a free update for all players. The new update will bring improvements to lighting and HDR, as well as an improved colour scheme and user interface. There’s also the re-activation of all previous Elusive Targets, so if you missed any the first time around, you’ll have the chance to complete your mission again. It’s not often you get a second chance like that…

Will you be picking up Hitman: Game of the Year Edition as a first-time killer, or will you be paying for the update as a seasoned assassin? Drop some poison in the comments section below.

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