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Hitman: Second Elusive Target Online

The Elusive Targets in case you are unaware are a new addition to the Hitman franchise that really up the intensity and bring something fresh to the game. Once in awhile Square Enix will release ‘live updates’ that bring a target into the world for a set period of time (this one being 48 hours) and you have to assassinate them. The catch is if you fail that’s it they disappear permanently and you failed, you can’t miss and you can’t die. A flawless plan with a fail-safe is more than necessary.

You will receive rewards¬†after you take out certain numbers of Elusive Targets. The first reward being the signature suit from Hitman: Absolution after you assassinate 5 targets. Also worth noting is that the targets locations will not be revealed to you, both instinct mode and the mini map will not help you either. It’s down to you (and maybe the nice people in the YouTube comments) to locate the target using the limited intel provided.

To access this content you will need to have Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza. Finally your intel is embedded below, you have until May 29 at 14:00 CEST time. Good luck.

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