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HITMAN – The Complete First Season Arrives Today

If you were wary of the HITMAN franchise suddenly going episodic, today is your day. Io-Interactive and Square Enix have announced that the complete first season is available as a physical disc in stores and digitally on the PlayStation Store. The collection will feature all the locations, episodes, Escalation Contracts, challenges, and opportunities that have been released this past year. You’ll also have access to all upcoming Elusive Targets that have yet to come.

This is the culmination of quite a journey, everything we’ve learnt, refined and updated over the live season has gone into the disc release,” said Christian Elverdam, Creative Director, Io-Interactive. “Our vision was to create this World of Assassination and refine it with the help of our players, and for anyone who wanted the game on a disc this is a highly polished, globally acclaimed game with over 100 hours of gameplay and more live content to come, so no more waiting needed.”

HITMAN – The First Season is developed by Io-Interactive with the first episode releasing in March of last year. The six episodes since then have garnered mostly positive reviews from critics and fans alike. We still can’t shake that feeling though about HITMAN being episodic now. Relieve our worries in the comments section below and let us know some of your prouder Agent 47 moments.

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