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Hitman’s Save File Issues Are Unfixable

Many of you may have been affected by the new Hitman’s save file issues, but on the other hand many of you probably didn’t even know they existed. For the benefit of those of you in the latter category, Hitman’s offline save files cannot sync with the online ones meaning any progress you make offline will not carry over next time you connect to the internet. For obvious reasons this issue has caused a lot of frustration for gamers who want to play Hitman offline from time to time, to make matters worse Io-Interactive told Eurogamer that the issue won’t be solved any time soon. Here’s exactly what they said:

This is a constantly evolving, living world of assassination, that will grow alongside the community with frequent content updates in between the launch of each location. This live content includes new contracts, escalation contracts, elusive targets, and even additional challenges.

It is possible to enjoy the locations offline, but in order to ensure player-progress of the live content is correct and up to date, the save states for online and offline are kept separate.

Basically, to make sure no issues arise with the live content offline and online save files are separate.  The only real workaround then is to either only play online or offline, otherwise you’re looking at having two different save files.

We reviewed the first episode of Hitman earlier this week, overall we loved it but we do have a few problems primarily stemming from the nature of the game’s episodic release. You can check out the full review here.

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