Holiday Update Now Available for Atom Universe

Atom Universe was one of the two recently released PS Home clones on the PlayStation Store. It had some big launch problems but the developers were able to rebound and get their baby running smooth unlike the other. Since then gamers have been enveloping themselves in PS Home-like shenanigans, for better or worse. Now over the weekend a holiday update was released which brings a certain type of cheer that happens this time of year. Not only that but a myriad of fixes and changes came with it. But if you only care about snow, snow, snow, then you can rest assured that Atom Universe will have plenty of it. You can check out all the additions below and let us know how this experience has treated you so far!

– Cinematic introduction video in the front-end
-Atom Blaster arcade cabinet now playable in Arcade Plaza
-Treetop village space accessible for Premier subscribers
-New accessories, clothes, dance moves and poses for premier subscribers
-New accessories, clothes, dance moves and poses for non-subscribers
-Introducing Molecules: our virtual currency.
-Christmas DLC with clothes and accessories (pending Sony’s approval)
-Christmas music and winter makeover in the Hub
-Festive makeover and new playlist in the Arcade Plaza
-Ability to report users in the online list of the player menu
-plugging in a USB keyboard removes the virtual keyboard completely
– Play together support for parties of up to 8 players.
– Referral Reward for new players created after invitation to the Play together party

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Bug fixes:

-PC-PlayStation crossplay restored
-Removed random characters in the chat
-Arcade Plaza music doesn’t stop after 1 track
-Removed Find Friend Tab from the social tab menu
-Restored Find PSN friends in the social tab menu
-Arcade Plaza performance optimisations

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