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Hollow Knight Physical Release Confirmed

Hollow Knight Standard Edition

Hollow Knight will be enjoying a physical release after Team Cherry confirmed a collaboration with Fangamer. That’s despite us living in the age of digital where download is king. Who’d have thunked it?

Pre-orders are now open on two different editions – a standard version and a collector’s edition. But neither will be shipping prior May 31st, something the company makes quite obvious on the purchase page. That’s enough of the legalities, though, let’s get to the crowning glory:

The Standard Edition will come complete with disc, manual, fold-out map and all of the DLC released to date for $29. In contrast, the Collector’s Edition will include all of that and a metal brooch, special case, Quirrel comic and gold foil art print set for $64. Now, that’s quite a lot of extra treasure for $35.

The choice of game is hardly surprising when you consider just how popular the metroidvana title has proven amongst the community. But it’s still a surprise to see companies willing to take the financial gamble when you consider just how dominant digital now is. Not that we’re complaining.

In recent years, the indie scene has gone from strength to strength, with a number of “smaller” budget releases making their way on to game of the year lists and ahead in the purchase queue. Due to budgeting restraints, they are usually only launched online as a download but that leaves many gamers worried of the years ahead; when the servers are closed down on this generation and they can no longer access these gems.

These physical runs allow us to safeguard ourselves against the callous future, that heartless beast, so long may they continue.

Will you be going physical with Hollow Knight? Or do you prefer how your shelves look without little blue cases on them? Share your interior design tips with us below. 

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