Holoball on PSVR Will Have Multiplayer, Day 1 Pro Patch Adds “46% Super Sample” to Make Things Prettier

Holoball on PSVR Will Have Multiplayer, Day 1 Pro Patch Adds “46% Super Sample” to Make Things Prettier

We’ve been playing the heck out of Holoball for the last few days, and just as we were preparing to hit the magical ‘SEND TO INTERNET’ button on our review, we’ve just found out some very interesting information, courtesy of TreeFortress, the three-man development team behind the game.

First of all, there will be online multiplayer in Holoball, though it’s still being worked on at the time of writing. According to the developers, it’s pretty tricky to get it right so they’re taking their sweet time with it and are totally focused on getting it right. The update doesn’t have a release date yet, though we imagine it won’t take too long for the multiplayer update to hit.

Then there’s the prospect of a demo. Many PSVR games have demos, though many rely on players scouting out reviews (we do loads!) or buying in blind faith. It’s not just the quality of the game that can be determined by a demo, but also the VR sickness factor. We’re big fans of demos (read: Chris, the barf machine) as it lets you take a game for a spin to see if it’ll send you loopy before you put your money where your mouth used to be, but is now a puke fountain. Too much?

The developers have shown interest in getting a demo out for Holoball, though they say it’d likely be in early 2017; the game releases on November 22nd in North America, November 29th in the UK/EU. No demo this side of New Year’s, unfortunately, though there is good news if you’re a PS4 Pro owner.

PS4 Pro can enhance PSVR games by utilising the extra power buried within the chunky console. TreeFortress has confirmed that Holoball will indeed have a Day 1 PS4 Pro patch that’ll give the game a “46% super sample.” For the non-nerds out there, it basically means that the game should look a little clearer with a sharper image and less jagged edges within the game’s environment. Not bad, then.

We’re still polishing off our Holoball review for PSVR, but stick with us and you’ll know if this one’s worth your $15.

It is. It most definitely is.


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