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Holy Sweet Tooth! Check Out This Polyresin Statue

The artists over at Gaming Heads have started a Twisted Metal line of collectible statues and of course, Needles Kane is the first to receive statuesque treatment. Can we confirm that they pulled Sweet Tooth from his fictional universe, shrunk him down to 13.5 inches, made over one thousand clones of him, and then encased his shortened figure in resin? No but we’re just asking questions here! The crafted pieces also feature light up hair to simulate (or cover up) Sweeth Tooth’s classic cut. There are two versions at the moment with the exclusive edition costing $250 and the standard edition totaling $230. The former edition will be some of the first models ever created along with the light up hair we mentioned.

The statues are available for pre-order right now and are expected to be shipped in Q2 of 2017. There is a limited supply so if you’re a Twisted Metal fan, get to ordering! We’ve included some handy links below to make the process of reaching Gaming Heads’s website much easier. Click here for the standard model and here for the exclusive one. Definitely let us know if you’ll be picking one of these up!

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