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Honor and Duty: D-Day on PSVR is Getting a Massive Graphical Update and PS4 Pro Patch

PS4 Pro patches aren’t all that common anymore, are they? When was the last time you heard a developer boast about delivering extra goodies to PS4 Pro console owners? It’s becoming a rarity, but some developers are still flying the flag for the mid-console refresh.

The developer behind the online PSVR shooter, Honor and Duty: D-Day, Strange Games Studios, has announced that it is not only bringing a PS4 Pro patch out this week but also a complete overhaul of the game’s graphics.

Anyone who has played Honor and Duty: D-Day will tell you that while the game is fun, it’s not a looker. The simple blocky graphics work well enough, but Strange Games Studios is not happy with “well enough”, it seems.

In two new videos released on YouTube, the developer shows off the improved textures coming to the game this week, which makes the game a little less blocky, but not quite realistic. Instead, it’s going for a happy middle ground. It’s also been announced that the update should release o February 29th, though this could be pushed back if any problems are found. Fingers crossed that’s not the case.

PS4 Pro owners will enjoy greater image clarity and beefed up visuals with extra effects, while all players will benefit from the new graphical overhaul. A job well done, I say.

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