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Honor and Duty: D-Day Releasing February 26th on PS4 and PSVR

If you’re looking for a new PSVR shooter, good news, there’s a new one releasing later this week and it’s called Honor and Duty: D-Day. What’s more is that the game doesn’t require you to own a PSVR headset to play, but it’s a nice added bonus.

Honor and Duty: D-Day will release on February 26th for PS4 and PlayStation VR. The game is a first-person shooter with a focus on online multiplayer. Online multiplayer can support battles of up to 32 players at a time, but when there aren’t enough humans ready to play the game will fill in the gaps with A.I opponents to keep things ticking. Not a bad move at all.

While Honor and Duty: D-Day may be multiplayer centric, it will have a single player campaign at some point in the future. The game’s developer, Strange Games Studios, recently wrote on its blog that work will begin soon on the single player expansion as well as a remaster of Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition.

While the game supports PSVR and regular TV play, the game has been tailored towards the VR audience, according to the developers. You’ll be able to use the DualShock 4, PSVR Aim controller, and even a pair of PS Move wands if you want to. The game will also be compatible with the foot-controlled 3dRudder controller that was announced earlier this year.

Source: YouTube

Source: Strange Games Studios

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