Hood: Outlaws & Legends Will Get Free Content Post-Release

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be tempting players to stick to its gameplay by offering regular updates and free content after the game’s release on May 10th.

Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer today for its upcoming multiplayer-based Hood: Outlaws & Legends, revealing post-launch plans for the game as well as revealing the game’s Battle Pass.

Going by the wording in the press release, Focus Home Interactive is aiming for Hood: Outlaws & Legends to receive multiple years of post-release support. The presser states that the first year of post-launch support will be split into four seasons, each themed and containing new content, events, cosmetics, a new map shortly after release, and more.

Hood kicks off its digital offering with the first season being Litha, which will bring a new game mode that puts a greater emphasis on action rather than tactics and stealth.

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And finally, a new playable Outlaw will be joining the crew at a later date: Eidaa. At the moment there’s not much to say about this new hero and her abilities, but they’ll be revealed in the near future, as per the press release.

Hood will also have a Battle Pass system because it’s 2021 and every game has a Battle Pass. I’m just waiting for Pure Chess to get updated with a Battle Pass system and then my life will finally be worth living…

Hood: Outlaws & Legends releases on May 10th for PS4, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. However, if you pre-order the Year 1 Edition or the standard base game, you’ll get early access and you’ll be able to play from May 7th.

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