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Hori Onyx Unveiled as the First Third Party Controller That’s Wireless

Hori Onyx

There have been many third-party controllers announced for the PlayStation 4 since this time last year. But they have all been tethered to the console by those ghastly wires that plagued the consoles of old. That is, until now. The Hori Onyx is a wireless alternative to Sony’s official DualShock 4 and it is officially endorsed by the company themselves. Win, win.

However, the Hori Onyx appears to be taking design tips from the enemy as it sports an offset joystick and more fulsome figure ala the “X Files”.

But despite it featuring the potentially preferred layout, which does seem to sit better in the hand, there are a few missing features. A speaker, for one. And a light bar, though that is missing from the other options; they get around it by providing feedback to the front LED.

At the time of writing, the Hori Onyx is slated for release in Europe only. There are no plans announced for an American launch, which only leaves the option of importing it in. But if the sales are hearty there’s no reason to limit its availability, so never say never. It’s obviously more economic to buy it from your home nation then spending a pretty penny on import fees and postage.

It is currently available on Amazon UK for £44.99, which doesn’t offer much of a saving between the two. It will seemingly come down to layout preference.

Is the Hori Onyx a tempting alternative to the DualShock 4? Or would you find it nigh on impossible to live without that light bar at the back? Maybe you’ve already picked up one of the previous, wired options? Let us know in the comments below. 

Hori Onyx

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