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Horizon Forbidden West is Not a PS5 Launch Title, Releasing 2021; Two New Screenshots to Soften the Blow

As I already predicted shortly after the PS5 event (I’ll read your palms too if you want) Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West won’t be a PS5 launch title, but will instead release sometime in 2021, as confirmed by the development studio in a new video clip.

The video, which you can watch up above, features a few of Guerrilla Games’ developers and top talking heads as they talk about what’s new in the upcoming sequel. A few things worth noting is that the developer states that Horizon Forbidden West will feature a much larger, more detailed game world and that there will be “virtually” no loading screens as the game will take advantage of the PS5’s hardware, specifically, the custom super hard drive.

So no, you won’t be playing Horizon Forbidden West this side of Christmas, but most of us already had an inkling that would be the case. But when in 2021 will it release? That’s another good question, because 2021 will still be 12 months long, and the game could sit waiting until next holiday season. Fingers crossed it’ll be a little sooner, eh?

To soften the blow, Guerrilla Games has released a couple of new Horizon Forbidden West screenshots on Twitter, and they’re quite lovely. I’m not the biggest fan of Aloy and her adventures, but I’m currently giving Horizon Zero Dawn a good go and I’m enjoying it, so believe me, I’m here with you guys on this one and I’m looking forward to it too! I’ve been converted!

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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