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Horizon Zero Dawn Adds New Game+ and New Difficulty in Patch 1.30

Guerrilla sure is dedicated to updating their games and giving a little extra to the players. Along with the usual fixes, in Patch 1.30, they are adding a New Game+ mode that retains the level 50 cap, but it will let you keep all of Aloy’s progress and inventory from your previously completed save.

They are adding in new outfits, new trophies, and some new versions of the weapons with an extra mod slot. They will be more expensive, but a little more shock and fire might be the difference between victory and those stupid little Watchers ruining your day.

You will definitely need a more powerful weapon if you choose to embark on a new journey in the ultra hard mode. This will make the machines tougher and make them more alert, so Aloy will have to be at her best to survive. You cannot change the ultra hard difficulty, so make sure you want to trampled and gored mercilessly by robo-animals before you choose it.

The patch is available to download now, and may the All Mother show you mercy if you pick ultra hard.

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