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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Out Today in the States

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is now available to buy in all good American retailers. We in the UK will have to wait one more sleep. Now we know you may never have heard of this game but someone decided it needed a Game of the Year-esque release. We have no idea why…

*Hint*  Our review may explain why *Hint*

Since its launch on February 28th this year Horizon Zero Dawn has garnered great acclaim, though we must admit its greatness has divided opinion at our HQ. No worries, we’ll either replay the Complete Edition in an attempt to get a universal decision or settle it like grown ups. That is rock paper scissors or mud wrestling, depends on the weather.

The announcement was supported by a new trailer designed to commemorate its popularity amongst the community of fans. Guerrilla Games also documented what major changes are bundled into Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition as standard, which are available to owners of the original release in the form of updates.

First of there is an all new difficulty setting called Story. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the narrative of Horizon Zero Dawn and the exploration of Aloy’s world without having to worry too much about combat.

Secondly there is New Game+; with which you will be able to relive the adventures of Aloy without losing your character progression and your collected inventory.

Thirdly we have added an Ultra Hard difficulty for everyone who likes to have a challenge. This new setting will enhance machine senses and behavior and other additional smaller tweaks.

The Complete Edition also includes the recent DLC The Frozen Wilds. Again our review may help explain why it’s giving itself a honourary Game of the Year Edition before they win before the accolade has even been handed out.

The Frozen Wilds is the only expansion that Horizon Zero Dawn is to receive as development is already under way on number 2. So there has not been a better time to delve into the world of Aloy.

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