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Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Wants to Release New Games and Sequels Every 2-3 Years, Expanding Studio to Deliver

Guerrilla Games has pushed itself to the forefront of the collective gaming consciousness since the runaway success of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4. The studio has always done fine work, but breaking away from the Killzone franchise has certainly helped elevate the Amsterdam-based developer to new heights.

As such, the studio wants to expand and grow to keep delivering the games that players want. In an interview with Dutch news site, studio head Hermen Hulst stated that the studio needs to find new accommodation in order to expand and grow its workforce from 250 to 400.

The good news is that the studio will be moving into new digs sooner rather than later, and what’s more is that the studio will remain in Amsterdam, and still fairly central. The current location on Rembrantsplein isn’t far off from my regular haunting grounds, and the move away won’t be too far either. That’s not important to the majority of Guerrilla’s fans, though, what is important is how it’ll effect the studio’s output.

Hulst said “we want to release gaming in two or three years, both new games and games based on existing properties”, while noting that working on Horizon Zero Dawn for 6.5 years was “exceptional”.

So what could that mean, then? I’d take it to mean the studio wants to be able to pump out sequels faster, but that it’s also working on brand new ideas for games, too. I hope it’s more of the latter, because as Pure PlayStation’s Kyle knows only too well, I’m not a fan of Horizon.

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