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Horizon Zero Dawn is an Almost Perfect 60fps on PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn 1.53 update makes Aloy’s adventure feel next-gen

In case you didn’t know, Sony recently announced the release date for Horizon Forbidden West. It was… a bit of a disappointment as Aloy’s second trek won’t be releasing until February 2022. But the bad news came with the good news that Horizon Zero Dawn was getting a next-gen update that lets the game target 60fps on PS5.

That update, version 1.53, is out now and has been for a couple of days. I’ve had a go myself because up until now, I’ve just never really cared for the game. I know. Scum. But 60fps? I’m all over that.

From what I’ve played, it seems to be a perfect 60fps. Like, rock-solid 60fps. I’ve got an eye for it now and if a frame drops I gasp and shudder. I didn’t gasp or shudder once when I started a fresh playthrough last night. But could I have been wrong? Could my tired eyes have deceived me after spending hours staring at my PC monitor as Gamescom 2021 delivered and delivered and delivered?

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Yes. But, but that’s being very picky.

Horizon Zero Dawn does drop a few frames, but the amount it drops from its 60fps target is almost negligible.

VG Tech, a popular YouTube channel that takes games and analyses their frame rates, has tested Horizon Zero Dawn on PS5 and the results are very impressive.

From a total of 51328 frames, the game dropped just 35. That’s around 0.7% of the total frames. No wonder I didn’t notice.

It should be noted that yes, this is a last-gen game running on a next-gen console, but it’s still impressive. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the more graphically ambitious open-world games on consoles, so to see it running at that sweet 60fps (and in 4K) is a real treat – and a freebie!

Right, what’s next? Uncharted 4? We’ve already had The Last of Us 2 get the next-gen treatment, so why not?

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