Horizon Zero Dawn May Be Getting a PSVR Spin-Off, Recruitment Starts Now

Horizon Zero Dawn redefined what it meant to be a successful game. But after capturing the hearts of millions, some gamers were left wanting more. So, could there be a PSVR spin-off to join its sequel? A new job advertisement seems to suggest so!

Speculation started last year regarding a PSVR spin-off for Horizon Zero Dawn. It had supposedly been entrusted to the developer of Blood & Truth, London Studio, but the first-party studio is now working on a PS5 game that may or may not be PSVR-related. Now, it’s apparently passed hands to Firesprite, who are looking for talent to work on a “VR action adventure project adapted from one of the most original and successful multimillion-selling console IP titles in the last 10 years”. And that’s nearly all we know.

Because we definitely don’t have anything more concrete than that, I’m sorry.

To be fair, there aren’t many games in the last ten years that match that description – at least not if you consider only those based on original IP. But it’s also true that Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t the only one either. So, although there’s a chance we’ve pulled the right rabbit out of the hat, there are a few more bunnies hopping around too – trying to deceive us.

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Still, it sounds like it’s going to be an amazing game – whatever it is – if the following description is anything to go by:

“This is an exceptionally exciting project, partnering with the IP holder to create a whole new chapter in the exciting and highly original universe they have established, utilising the full immersive capabilities in VR to build a new narrative for fans and newcomers alike.”

And I’m not sure about you, but for me, that job ad sounds like its quite the project; a little more substantial than most PSVR projects, wouldn’t you agree? So, could this be the first proper next-generation release for virtual reality? Or are we all getting a little ahead of ourselves?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But I bet the majority of readers are holding out for news on Horizon only. So, Firesprite, if you’re reading – don’t let us down!

[Update: A previous version of this article stated that London Studio had left PSVR behind. There is no confirmation of this, just speculation.]

Source: Firesprite

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