House of Ashes Teased for Next Entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology

In case you missed it, the next installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology was announced yesterday. House of Ashes is set in the sandy deserts of Iraq in 2003. A CIA agent and military team are sent to recon a possible chemical weapons facility in the Zagros Mountains. They are ambushed, and both sides are swallowed into the ruins of an ancient Sumerian temple during an earthquake. They unleash some evil creatures, and the hunt begins.

All of the stories in the series are built on horror tropes, and I already like movies based on this premise. I’m hoping to love House of Ashes too. Even though Little Hope released not too long ago, House of Ashes is already available for pre-order. I probably wouldn’t do that, since we have no release date and barely any info. However, it’s your cash, so you can do what you want.

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We do know that it will contain the same branching decision-making paths that make these types of games very replayable. We also know that some of your choices are going to get people killed or save them from the jaws of death. Little Hope incorporated feedback from Man of Medan, so developer Supermassive Games is listening and will likely keep refining this formula. That’s great news for anyone who likes these types of experiences.

For now, check out the teaser for a look at what will be scaring you next year.

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