Housemarque’s Returnal Unites Roguelike and Shooter Genres; Coming to PS5 on March 19, 2021

Housemarque’s newest game, Returnal, is coming to the PS5 on March 19th, 2021, and it’s a big departure for the studio. The Resogun developer’s next game, and first for next-gen, is a third-person shooter that incorporates roguelike elements. The PlayStation Blog adds a few story details to the new trailer. You are Selene, an Astra space scout on a unfriendly planet. While exploring, you will face different enemies that will inevitably end Selene’s life, forcing her to return to life and try, try again.

Releasing on the PS5 comes with some advantages. For starters, the loading times will be great, and, despite being a shooter, it will still include signature elements from the developer. In the trailer, there are bullet-hell attacks that will be familiar to fans. The controller will allow alt-fire attacks by changing the action based on how far you push down the trigger. If you push down half-way, you’ll aim down the sights. Pushing down fully will allow you to perform the alt-fire attack. They are even taking advantage of the 3D audio capabilities of the new hardware.

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Check out the trailer to see the game in action, and you can live, die, and repeat enough to make Tom Cruise jump on a couch with glee when the game releases on March 19th.

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