I’ve been experiencing some audio issues that let me hear sounds from my PS5, but my dialogue could be spotty or didn’t come through at all in some games. I assumed it was a new console, maybe some of the games had issues, or I just needed to fix a setting. Spoiler alert: it was a setting. If you experience this too, here’s how to fix it.

After a mighty Googling, I found this Reddit thread with the same problem, and here’s your fix. Go to your console’s settings menu (the little cog in the upper right corner) and go to Sound to check your settings. Here is a list of things to try:

  1. Make sure to have the correct Audio Output selected, whether that’s headphones, TV, or AV receiver.
  2. Check (and change if necessary) the number of audio channels selected from 5.1, 7.1, etc.
  3. Change your audio format to Bitstream (Dolby).

That last one worked for me, and I can hear all the glorious dialogue I was missing. As Pure PlayStation’s village idiot, I can’t tell you why or what that means. I can’t tell you that what I did is better or worse, but I’ll keep testing and researching it over time. (It’s what I would do anyway.) I only know I can hear the dialogue all the time now, and I’m hoping it helps you too.

If you have other helpful tips or suggestions, please leave them in the comments. You might be helping someone else with the same problem.

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By Jason Frye

Jason became terminally addicted to videogames after receiving the NES at an early age. This addiction grew to include PC gaming and was cemented with the launch of the PS2. From then on, he was afflicted with epic RPGs, tense shooters, and deep strategy games, never becoming skillful, but never able to quit. He continues to play games (poorly) and share his passion for them to anyone willing to listen.

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