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How to See Comments While You’re Streaming With the PS VR

Surprisingly, the PlayStation VR is incredibly easy to setup. Not only that but it takes you through a lot of things quite clearly once it has been setup. However, it doesn’t really touch upon how immersive and conducive streaming is on the peripheral. For example, when you’re streaming and want to reply to your viewers/friends. Do you have someone else in the room to read the comments to you or lift your headset up periodically to read them? We had hoped they would automatically appear on the screen and disappear but sadly that didn’t happen. Turns out that to view livestreaming comments on the PS VR is as easy as holding down the PlayStation Home button.

When you’re broadcasting and want to read what your followers and fans are saying, simply hold down the PS Home button, scroll over to broadcast, select comments, and the screen should pan over to what comments were made and by whom. It’s a pretty nifty idea but we would have still loved it for the comments to transparently appear and fade away after a few seconds. So that’s just one helpful trick we’ve discovered for the PlayStation VR so far and we’re sure to find more. If you happen to find any let us know!



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