How We Soar for PSVR Looks a Little Nicer on PS4 Pro, Performance is Identical to Base PS4

PS4 Pro players can expect their copy of Penny Black Studios’ PSVR release, How We Soar, to look a little nicer over the regular PS4 running the same game – but only a little.

According to Penny Black Studios’ Managing Director, Tom Turner, How We Soar is rendered at a higher resolution with the PS4 Pro and this gives the game an overall sharper look. Turner also noted that there are no additional visual or framerate enhancements and that the experience on PS4 Pro and the regular PS4 will be identical in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Bit of a shame that there’s not a little bit of extra fanciness thrown in for PS4 Pro players, though we’d argue that it doesn’t need it; we’re still working on our review but what we can say is that the game looks bloody marvelous, and that’s using a PS4 Slim.

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Have you taken to the skies with How We Soar, or are you still firmly grounded by the lack of PSVR in your life? Spread your wings in the comments section down below.

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