A game that is as fun as its developer’s name, Fiddlesticks, will be releasing August 23rd. In Hue all people see things in grey. That is until the main character goes on an adventure to solve his mother’s disappearance. Through research and plot development you’ll be able to see and alter color. By doing so you can manipulate objects, access new areas, and interact with the environment differently. Hue has also won accolades from Developer Awards, Gaming Connection, Casual Connection, and others.

Hue has been almost universally loved whenever we’ve taken it out to shows,” says Dan Da Rocha, Fiddlesticks, “so we’re incredibly excited to be finally getting into people’s hands properly. We’ve spent the last couple of years in Hue’s world – it’s going to be brilliant to welcome some more visitors.”

“The colour-changing puzzles bring something genuinely fresh to the genre – we’ve had a real blast designing them,” adds Henry Hoffman, Fiddlesticks. “Some of the latter stages of the game are incredibly devious – we’ll be taxing parts of the brain untouched by previous games.”

Some features to expect are the unique color-matching mechanics, a heartfelt story with themes of love, loss, existence and remorse, a world of characters to talk to, over thirty original music tracks, and colorblind support. Hue will cose $14.99/€14.99 although there may be launch discounts.

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