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Huge OUTRIDERS Gameplay Reveal States It Will Not Have Microtransactions

Square Enix dropped a lengthy video today about OUTRIDERS. In a little more than 26 minutes, they show a big chunk of actual gameplay, talk about the Trickster class, and answer a few quick questions from the community. The first half of the presentation is focused on gameplay. The mission sends the player out to find a truck and introduces us to the Perforo enemy. It’s a nasty brute that runs in a pack, and running away from them can be the best strategy. It’s a good demonstration of the pyromancer class’ powers in action.

For a deeper dive on classes, the second half talks about the powers and usefulness of the Trickster class. It can manipulate time and space with powers designed to get the player in and out quickly while causing as much damage as possible. There is a bubble that slows enemies who enter it, but a more interesting power allowed you to run into a group of enemies and use the power again to warp back to your starting point. Strategically, that will be interesting.

There are a lot of little things shown too. It looked like the game was being played on an Xbox, but the UI was very customizable. The World Tiers dynamic difficulty system lets you level up your challenge with more rewards. It’s separate from your character rank, and it will allow perks like being able to wear armor that’s higher than your player level. They also mentioned that each of the player classes have a different way to heal themselves. There are no potions, so you’ll have to engage in a certain mechanic to stay alive.

One thing you won’t have to deal with is microtransactions. In the Q&A section at the end, they confirm microtransactions won’t be a feature of the game. OUTRIDERS will not be a games-as-a-service model either. They specifically state it will be a complete experience out of the box. As a subtle jab at Destiny, they show that all the lore is included on disc with the opportunity for you to read about the events and characters instead of having to go outside the game. There seems to be plenty of lore, so, although that should be the standard, that’s very appreciated.

These broadcasts will continue monthly as Square Enix builds up to the holiday 2020 release. OUTRIDERS will be coming to the PS4 and is confirmed for the PS5. If I had to guess (and Sony’s silence forces it here), you’ll be able to play with friends on either platform. Give the video a watch for more info and a look at real gameplay.

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