Human: Fall Flat Descending on PS4 Later This Year

Human: Fall Flat Descending on PS4 Later This Year

Games that have intentionally unsteady controls usually illicit laughter over anger. That’s what Steam users experienced last year when Human: Fall Flat released for their platform. Players took control of Bob, a blob who’s limbs operate separately, in order to interact with the dreamscape world around him and solve puzzles. Until you master the deliberate movements expect a comedy routine harking back to silent, slapstick movies. Luckily, gamers could beat each level through a myriad of ways which often resulted in hilarious clumsiness. This potential for endless falling is jumping on over to the PlayStation 4 sometime in the Spring with additional content.

Millions of people have played or watched Human: Fall Flat and there is one thing that we can all agree upon – it’s just a really fun game,” said Tomas Sakalauskas, developer of Human: Fall Flat. “Whether you’re playing or watching, seeing Bob clumsily struggle with the most basic of physical movements makes for a side-splitting experience.”

Human: Fall Flat originally released to mostly positive reviews and here’s hoping the transition to consoles and controllers is a successful one. Judging by the announcement trailer above, the wealth of opportunities to succeed and fail hysterically would be perfect for the PlayStation crowd. Comment below if you’ve played the title already and if not, why do you want to?!

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