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Hunting Simulator 2 Stalks Its Prey on PS5 in 2021

NACON and Neopica Studio have announced that Hunting Simulator 2 will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sometime during Spring 2021, after having already had a successful release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and even the Nintendo Switch.

At the moment, details are very few and far between. The press release notes that “further improvements of the graphics and additional contents will be included to offer even more realism,” before ending with a vague “more information will be available later.”

So, yeah, it’s coming to PS5 but that’s about as much as anybody is willing to say at this point.

Hunting Simulator 2 originally released during Summer 2020 and I was the one lumped with review duties. As often happens, I was surprised that I actually really liked the game, despite my hunting skills being limited to a really fat rat a few years ago, and countless wasps every summer. I’ll definitely be giving Hunting Simulator 2 another go on PS5, and hopefully, it’ll be a decent enough upgrade to keep me sitting in a hidey-hole for hours on end.

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