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Hyper Scape PS4 Update 1.22 Released, Bringing FOV Slider to All Consoles

Ubisoft’s free-to-play hero shooter battle royale has had its latest maintenance period today on PS4 and other platforms, and with it comes a new update – version 1.22 – that you’ll need to have installed before you can keep on playing.

The new update brings the usual slew of bug fixes and stability, but it’s also bringing implementation for a FOV (field of view) slider that will be available on all consoles. Neat, eh? It’s not often that console games get FOV options, so it’s nice to see Ubisoft is carrying that torch. Below you’ll find the Hyper Scape 1.22 patch notes.

Hyper Scape Patch Notes 1.22 on Oct. 27

  • Bug Fixes
  • Stability Fixes
  • Additional gameplay features
  • FOV Slider coming to all consoles
  • KroneCrown Rush Solo stays for another week as an un-ranked mode! No ranked mode this week
  • Gets darker in Neo Arcadia as Dark Haze Squad replaces Crown Rush Squad this week

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