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I Expect You’ll Love The Last DLC for I Expect You To Die

The latest and free DLC for I Expect You to Die is releasing on November 19th for all versions of the game, including our very own PSVR. This latest mission in the spy-themed puzzler takes us to space and is called Operation Death Engine.

Schell Games released I Expect You to Die way back in 2016 and it has been a crowd-pleaser on every platform it released on. Although this next DLC is expected to be the last, according to Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell, it doesn’t sound like we’ve seen the last of this franchise.

“When I Expect You To Die launched three years ago, none of us could have imagined the incredible level of support we would receive from fans.” CEO Jesse Schell continued, “For the sake of fans everywhere, the team hopes to be able to continue this franchise into the future.” 

Check out the DLC trailer up above and prepare yourself for the many space-themed deaths that await us all on November 19th.

Source: Pure PSVR

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