Iconoclasts Puts the Tough in Cookie on January 23rd


After seven years in production, Iconoclasts is now only two weeks away from launch. The pixelated platformer will be available on PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita January 23rd with cross-buy support included, and promises to test your mettle as its relatively simple controls are joined by some tough cookie bosses.

The news accompanies a new trailer, which can be viewed above.

Players control Robin, a young mechanic, who vows to help those in need with her mechanical prowess despite it being unlawful within her realm of reality. Amongst the usual platformer features will be a flurry of people to meet and problems to solve. But it is the bosses that sets Iconoclasts apart from the crowd. The 20-or-so pain in the rears are designed to put all you’ve learned into practice without the hand holding, in a test that the developer describes as an ‘exam at the end of training for an action game’. It is up to you to figure out how to beat the blighters, whether that is shooting them, twisting them, running for the hills or a combination of the lot.

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Like any good mechanic, Robin is a whizz with a wrench. And this wrench is special. Not only does it turn bolts as per real life but it also protects you from those pesky projectiles. It also deflects the attacks inflicted by your enemies. A stun gun is also to hand and can be upgraded as you venture forth. But sticking to its philosophy of simplicity, the game doesn’t grow in complexity as it continues; once you’ve learned the controls that’s it. The challenges come in the form of bosses that are designed to see how good you can read the boss with no room for luck or special abilities.

In all, Iconoclasts wants to be fun but tricky, almost akin to the games of old.

Does Iconoclasts tickle your fancy, or do you only like platformer if you can play as a plumber? 


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