If You Play Dreams With the Move Controllers, Contact Sony For a PS5 Camera Adaptor

Sony have stated that anybody who wants to use their PSVR with the PlayStation 5 will need to request an adaptor from them. That will let them plug the prerequisite PS Camera into the next generation of hardware, which will allow the camera to work. But some gamers use the move controllers to recreate their imaginations in Dreams – peripherals that require the PS Camera, though not necessarily the PSVR headset. And that’s a problem because Sony want you to input the PSVR’s serial number online in order to request an adaptor. However, Media Molecule have got you covered.

The development team have informed fans today that Sony will still accept your request. You just need to contact your local arm directly and explain. After that discussion, a request will be created on your behalf and within two weeks, an early Christmas present will drop through your door. But only after Sony have started shipping them, of course. And that depends on where in the world you actually live.

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But considering how rare the PlayStation 5 is proving, there’s not much of a rush…

So, what does this all mean. Well, it means you can play Dreams via backwards compatibility using your Move controllers. And there will be no slumming it with the DualShock 4, or relearning controls. It also won’t cost you anything as Sony are providing the adaptor for free. The only thing it needs is a few minutes of your time. But that’s something we’ve all got a lot of at the moment.

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