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Flip Burgers for Pennies in I’m Hungry for PSVR, Releasing July 3rd, 2019

Have you ever been in line at McDonald’s and wished you were on the other side of the counter, serving up those limp fries and luke-warm burgers with soggy lettuce and tomato? If so, be gone. Simply, be gone. Or hang around and read about I’m Hungry, because it might just be the game for you.

The game, which is being released by Winking Entertainment tomorrow, is a fast-food simulator, minus the stress and verbal abuse from customers and co-workers. And the burns. Trust me, I know. I did time in a McDonald’s when I was younger.

The aim of the game is to prepare the orders for your various customers, but fast. The better you do, the more coins your hungry patrons will leave for you, which in turn can be used to upgrade your kitchen’s equipment so that you may make even better food in a faster time. There’ are leaderboards, too, so there’s a bit of competition to be had. You could also use the game as training, and then brag about your leaderboards score when you go for a job interview at McDonald’s. Surely they’d hire you on the spot if you were in the top five, right?

Oddly, I’m Hungry has only been announced today but it’s releasing tomorrow. Not much time to build up hype, but does it really need it? Who wouldn’t want to simulate life in the fast food industry…

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