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Imminent PlayStation 5 Price Announcement Looks Likely

We’ve hardly discovered anything about the PlayStation 5 in the grand scheme of things. Or at least nothing important, like price and launch date. But according to the ‘Psychic Meg’ that is the internet gaming community, August is the month Sony put that right. So, even though we’ve had nearly two months of silence since our first proper look at the hardware, the next four weeks are set to be a rollercoaster ride.


That’s because, according to those who are usually in the know, both Sony and Microsoft are planning to share their console’s price with us in the coming month – perhaps even as soon as the first or second week of August. But obviously these rumours are not official. And Sony are having to schedule their events not only to their preferred timetable but also to that approved by Covid. So, you could literally pick a day out of a hat and have a better chance of getting it right than anything I could write here.

However, logically, these plans sound very likely. After all, if December is still their target, there are only around three months left to get pre-orders out and initial monies in. If they leave it much longer, we might have spent our gaming fund on flights we can’t use to destinations we can’t visit. And then they’ll be in a pickle.

But this silence only makes you question if things are really still going to plan. Could a delay be inevitable and they’re just postponing the bad news? I wouldn’t be surprised. Although, it could also be a way of controlling the demand and helping them cope with the supply shortage they’re no doubt facing. The less time the console is available to reserve, the less time there is to inform people they won’t be getting one before 2021. And the smaller the backlash on the company (even if shops will take the brunt of discontent, either way).

Obviously, this is just speculation – gobbledygook from my cake hole – but things are not getting back to normal quick enough for this launch to go smoothly. One way or another, Corona isn’t finished with Sony or the PlayStation 5 yet.

Source: Twitter

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