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Immortal: Unchained Unleashes Hardcore Shooting in September

Do you normally move up your difficulty, before starting a game? Do you like the idea of a Souls-like game but set in the far-flung future? Well, it’s time for you to start looking forward to Immortal: Unchained in September.

We have a new trailer and release date today. Over three minutes, you see a brief history of their fictional time. The universe starts. A mysterious monolith appears, without any mention of apes. People eventually kill each other, as they do, and the victor sets up a new regime. A golden age dawns and people seem to be happy for a while.

We can’t have people being happy. Fortunately, a great evil cruises through their part of the galaxy. Faced with extinction, they release you from your prison, and you have to shoot and cut your way through minions and tough boss fights in this action-RPG. For a weapon like yourself, that probably beats being locked away from everything.

Immortal: Unchained will be bringing its challenging gameplay to shooters on September 7th. Give the new trailer a watch to see more of the universe. We also dug up a gameplay trailer from the PC version to give you a feel for the action. Check it out at the bottom.

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