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Immortals Fenyx Rising Has Microtransactions

Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world adventure game Immortals Fenyx Rising will indeed have in-game purchases. The real question is: are we surprised at all? No, no we’re not.

This revelation comes by way of the Australian rating authority which has recently rated Immortals Fenyx Rising for… USB. It’s most likely the Stadia version that has been rated, as Stadia releases tend to get lumped with ‘USB’ as their platform. Governments never catch on quickly, do they?

The rating for the game states as part of its consumer advice section that the game has the following: Fantasy themes, violence, online interactivity and in-game purchases.

There’s no word on what the online interactivity is, or what the in-game purchases are, but it’s not hard to imagine what Ubisoft will offer to players. Expect the usual time-saver packs and maybe some cosmetic items to be paid-for additions.

Immortals Fenyx Rising will actually be getting an exclusive demo on the Stadia platform later this year before its release on December 3rd, 2020.

The game was originally called Gods & Monsters, but for reasons best known only to the people at Ubisoft, it’s now called Immortals Fenyx Rising.

And yes, that name is awful.

Source: Australian Ratings Authority

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