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Imogen Heap Adds “The Quiet” Track to The Quiet Man

Imogen Heap is the latest artist to contribute a custom track to one of Square Enix’s games. Her new track “The Quiet” will be part of the game, and it will be unveiled sometime in the future. The Quiet Man releases on November 1st, so it should be a short wait. (For a sample of one of her more popular hits that seemed to be part of so many television dramas, you can click here to hear “Hide and Seek”.)

There is a video of her talking about the experience that adds quite a bit of info. Along with the message that she hopes you like it, we learn how she was approached. She received a handwritten letter with excellent penmanship that passionately extolled her abilities and said she was the perfect person for the job. They wanted her to write the most beautiful song she had ever written in her entire life. Can you blame her for saying yes to something like that?

The letter communicated ideas from the game to help guide her, but it went deeper. The writer told her about the concept of not being able to hear anything and the impact on the character. For someone whose whole life is dominated by audio, this was a challenge to musically express. They also sent her links to videos of people who received cochlear implants and heard sound for the first time for more inspiration.

Even though I had to crank the volume on my speakers to hear what she was saying (my ears are probably not their best either, but she is a low talker), the video is well worth a watch. I look forward to listening to her track after seeing how excited she was about the project and seeing how she interprets those ideas.

The Quiet Man is a bit of a departure for Square Enix. Able to be completed in a sitting, it uses some live action video to tell the story of Dane, a deaf man trying to understand why a singer was kidnapped by a mysterious masked man. It releases November 1st, but anyone that buys the game through November 15th will receive a PS4 theme and eight avatars.


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