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In The Shadows Announced For PS4

On the 22nd of April Nicolas Témèse of Color Space Studios announced  his new retro style puzzle platformer ‘In The Shadows’ for the PS4. The game is set to release sometime in 2017, though no actual date has been given just yet.

The lovable retro style and the nostalgia it ensues has us captivated already. In The Shadows follows the life of what appears to be your Average Joe office worker whose hit a bit of a plateau in his work life and now resides to day dream of his childhood which is exactly where we find the game’s setting. The day dreams take him to a simpler time and help him to appreciate the little things again, however with the good comes some bad, monsters skulk in the shadows.

Defeating the monsters is where the game’s puzzle element comes into play as they are beaten only when they are bathed in light; to beat the monsters you solve the puzzles. Though never drop your guard as when the lights go off the monsters come back. The monsters themselves come from the innocent childish idea of inanimate objects changing when the lights go out into something far more sinister. In The Shadows may look like just a simple puzzle platformer but when you look a little deeper it’s something many people will be able to relate to and enjoy its emotional experience.

The gameplay trailer is embedded below along with a couple of screenshots, and for the full announcement on the PlayStation Blog you can click here.

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