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Increase Hype to the Max with the Doom Eternal Launch Trailer

The Doom Eternal launch trailer popped up today, and it’s red hot. It shows the Slayer, Mr. Doomguy himself, mixing it up with demons. The music sounds right, and the action is tight. I’m once again struck by the incredible mobility increase from the previous game as you fly through the air and flip around beams. The trailer displays these moves as part of the action, not to slow it down.

There is also some voice-over indicating your character is the dominant life form in the universe as he rocks and rolls through a variety of environments. We know we’ll see Earth or what’s left of it. Are those torn up parts still our former planet, or are they little vacation spots in Hell? With all the white in other areas, will we be crushing angelic foes too? The lore increase in this game appears to be almost as substantial as the huge enemies towering over you in certain parts of the trailer.

Obviously, we left Hypetown on the Hype Express to Super Hypedom on this game a long time ago. Doom Eternal looks like everything we want, and it’s only about a week away until we can finally see if it lives up to those astronomically high expectations.

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