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Indie Adventure Game ‘Lost Ember’ Gets First Trailer, Looks Gorgeous

In a press release yesterday; Indie developer Mooneye Studios announced their debut game ‘Lost Ember’ with an eye-catching trailer. Check it out in full above, fill your eyeballs with stylised wolfy goodness, then read on below for all the information Mooneye have so far given about their upcoming game.

We at Pure PlayStation love unique Indie games, they often provide gameplay experiences that just aren’t available in the bombastic triple-A market. This said, you can understand our excitement when the first trailer for Mooneye Studio’s debut game ‘Lost Ember’ was released yesterday. With a beautiful stylised world, some interesting looking gameplay and name-checking such Indie greats as Journey and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture in the press release, Mooneye Studios are setting themselves a high bar for their debut.

'Oooh, Aaah, other appreciative noises'
‘Oooh, Aaah, other appreciative noises’

The developer describes their game as a ‘third-person exploration adventure’ and tells us the game will focus on story and exploration; allowing the player to take the adventure at their own pace in ‘a variety of interesting ways’. We know that the main character is the wolf shown in the trailer. But, as shown, players will have the ability to inhabit the body of other animals in the world at will. Apparently, this is not a trait common to all wolves (who knew?) and is in fact facilitated by the help of the little sprite seen here:

'Can I eat it?'
‘Can I eat it?’

This little fella, the last remnant of an ancient race called the ‘Inrahsi,’ will also guide you through the story of the game and in the process you will unravel the events that led to the fall of his people. Mooneye promise that every animal in the world will be inhabitable and that there will be at least eight different ‘types’. With a planned five hours of gameplay spread across four ‘regions,’ Lost Ember promises to be a solid Indie title.

The game is slated for release in early 2018 and will be coming to PC and Xbox one as well as PS4. The developer plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign later this year to raise the funds for marketing the game.

The developer will be touring Europe with a prototype of the game soon, so hopefully we at Pure Playstation will be able get some more in-depth information for you then! Stay tuned, and let us know whether you’re excited at the prospect of playing as a fish in the comments below.


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