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Indie Horror Mundaun Brings Spooky Horror to Consoles Next Spring

Similar to some of the best horror stories, Mundaun takes inspiration from the mythology you hear as a kid. For developer Hidden Fields, that is stories told while growing up in the Swiss Alps. The game’s story focuses on a man who returns to Mundaun to face off against a supernatural force and to understand the reasons for his grandfather’s strange death.

Mundaun is the first full-length game from Hidden Fields, and it’s a huge undertaking. The entire development studio consists of one man, Michel Ziegler, but it’s bringing something special. Every scene is hand-penciled to give it a unique look. You can get a view of that in the attached trailer.

We don’t have a firm release date for Mundaun yet. We only know it will be coming to consoles in spring 2021.


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